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image of whale bones on beach

Inupiat people of Barrow and the North Slope of Alaska have depended on the Bowhead whale for thousands of years as the mainstay of life itself. Today that is still true. The images that follow show just a part of that way of life.

The first group will be acceptable to all but the most sensitive people. One section is about the umiaq skin boats used in the spring hunt. Another shows much of the process, but does avoid excessively graphic details.

  UMIAQ skin boats  
  Fall Whaling -- 2010  

The second group includes very graphic sections detailing the butchering of whales caught in October 2000, 2007 and 2010. Please use your own discretion.


  Fall Whaling -- 2000  
  Fall Whaling -- 2007  
 Fall Whaling -- October 11, 2010 

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