Apaflo.com is a display of Barrow Alaska in photographs by Floyd Davidson.

This site documents Barrow life, the surroundings, the inside and outside, buildings, roads, the seasons, the people, the plants, birds, ocean and tundra are the subject.

This is not a "Fine Arts Photograph" site, restricted to only wonderfully beautiful and technically perfect images. There is no hesitation to post a pretty bad photograph if it is the only one available of a particular subject! And while technical details are available for most of the images, only a few are segregated along patterns pertaining to photography, as opposed to life. There are sections about different subjects, but not about different kinds of photography

The above has an unfortunate effect, because by the nature of Barrow, the photography here is also an extremely interesting and often unique example of Street Photography in particular, but also of Event Photography, Bird Photography, Wildlife Photography, Macro Photography, People Photography and other genres. A viewer won't find commentary on those individually though, and will need to know what they are seeking.

In the end, it is simple: This is Barrow Alaska!

Footnote: "apaflo" is actually Ap'a Flo. Ap'a is Yup'ik Eskimo for grandfather. In Inupiaq, spoken in Barrow, that would be spelled aapa. Thirty years of Yup'ik grandchildren, and now two great-grandchildren are the etymology of apaflo.com by name.

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